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Seamlessly integrate your Zoom meetings, webinars, and recordings directly into your WordPress site. Easily embed Zoom directly on any page!

  • WP shortcodes
  • Design your page
  • Gutenberg & Elementor
  • Full Zoom features

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Easy to integrate & get started!

Effortless Zoom Integration

Easily connect Zoom meetings, webinars, and recordings to your WordPress website with just a few clicks.

Seamless Embedding

Instantly share the excitement by embedding Zoom content on any page of your website hassle-free.

Engage Anywhere

Bring your Zoom experience directly to your audience, making it convenient for them to join from any page on your site.

Use the Zoom meeting countdown

The embedded Zoom meeting page displays a countdown timer in case the meeting is scheduled for later dates. Once the countdown is over, your users will be able to join the meeting from this page on your WordPress site.

You get all of Zoom’s meeting features

  • Lock the meeting & prevent unwanted access.
  • Mute, remove, invite participants.
  • Live chat & Polling
  • Allow screen share for only the host or all participants.
  • Request Remote Control.
  • Closed Captioning.
  • Webinar Q&A
  • Zoom Breakout Rooms
  • Gallery | Grid Meeting View

Watch Past Meeting Recordings

Once a meeting is over, the Zoom Cloud Recording will be available on the meeting page. The plugin automatically displays the latest recording after the meeting ends. Zoomy also allows users to choose from recordings up to 1 month old.

Manage all your meetings in your WP Admin area

View the Zoom Meetings under each of your Zoom hosts. See the status of your meetings and start or end the meeting from the WordPress dashboard.

Lock Icon

Logged-in Users

Restrict the meeting page access to users who are logged into your site.

People Icon

Multiple Hosts

Add multiple Zoom users to Zoomy so you can conduct meetings simultaneously.

Sidebar Icon

Zoom Reports

View detailed meeting and participants reports for a specified period of time.

Key Icon

WP Roles

Set the Zoom Meeting host access by your WordPress site roles or/and capabilities.

Recurring Meeting

Set up recurring Zoom meetings your WordPress dashboard.

Instructor Role

Allow instructors on your site to manage their own Zoom meetings

Monetize Meeting

Monetize your Zoom Meetings with Easy digital downloads plugin

Vimeo Recording

Vimeo as an alternate option to display Cloud recording videos

Everything you need


How many participants can join the meeting using this plugin?
The no.of participants depend on your Zoom account type and not the plugin. The Basic(free) account type allows up to a max of 100 participants in one meeting.
Can I use this plugin with a Free Zoom account?
Yes, the plugin does not require a paid Zoom account and works with a free account. However, the limitations applied while using a Free Zoom account would apply while using the plugin. i.e 40 min duration for all meetings.
Is there a way you can allow users to join a Zoom meeting directly without the need to enter their details and click Join via Web?
You can enable the Auto Join mode from Zoom Meetings -> Settings -> Configuration. This will hide the input fields and take your logged-in WP users straight to the Zoom meeting window. If the user is not logged in to their WordPress account they will have to fill out the fields in order to join the meeting.
Is it possible to create recurring meetings?
Yes. you can enable this feature in the plugin with this addon.
Is it possible to use multiple zoom api keys?
Right now it’s not possible to do so.
Is Zoom breakout rooms feature supported in this plugin?
Yes, the support for breakout rooms has been added in the Zoom Web SDK v1.8.5 that is available with the plugin version 4.11.0
Is there a full money-back guarantee?
Yes, there is a 15-day refund policy with the purchase. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions for the refund policy here.

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